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Personal Trainers in Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Sarasota

Nonstop Fitness is proud to have the finest Personal Trainers in Florida working out at our clubs. Whether you need a personal trainer in Ft. Myers, Pt. Charlotte or Sarasota, our trainers will plan your workouts so you acheive your goals.

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Personal Trainer, Noah Murray

Personal Trainer, Noah Murray

W.I.T.S- Certified trainer who specializes in strength and conditioning, weight loss and balance and coordination. From all ages, Noah can ensure complete all the goals you are running for. From professional athletes to just people looking to shape up, Noah modifies each person’s routine based on the goal they are looking to achieve. No person is counted out with NO EXCUSE TRAINING, just leave the excuses at home.  

Personal Trainer, Gerry

Personal Trainer, Gervasio Bartolini

Gerry is a NASM certified trainer who has taken our member’s training to the next level. His company, Ideal Performance, is geared to all ages. Gerry works with older clients in unique ways to adapt to their strengths and benefits, while working on weaknesses to make them just as strong. On top of this, he works with younger members as well as far as competing, with his most recent client receiving his PRO CARD in his last competition. Gerry proves he can help everyone at ALL ages, and with IDEAL FITNESS, Gerry is here to get you to your IDEAL LEVEL.  

Personal Trainer, Marcus

Personal Trainer, Marcus Adkins

Marcus is a former Marine who has the brand FIT FOR ROYALTY. In which, he believes you need to treat your body like you should treat yourself, like ROYALTY. Marcus is a unique trainer for all ages who focuses on every muscle movement and explains the WHY to every HOW of what he teaches. Known to record your session, Marcus will then break down every motion and show you what was correct and what was incorrect. A step by step breakdown teaches his clients so they can learn long term how to correct their workouts and make the perfect workouts reality. Fit for Royalty is here to make you look and feel like royalty, so inquire within to join the royal family!  

Personal Trainer, Bluin

Personal Trainer, Matt Blouin

1st Place in Panhandle National Showdown 

ISSA Certified personal trainer who focuses on his clients hitting every one of their goals. Matt refuses to take on any clients who arent serious about their goals. Matt ensures you will hit your peak body if you follow EVERY one of his coaching guidelines. Everyone needs a good coach to be a great professional, and with Warrior Aesthetics you are ensuring your greatness. From competitive coaching, to posing all the way to overall body completion, Matt has you covered !  


Personal Trainer, Josh

Personal Trainer, Josh Wilson

Wilson Warriors- where everyone needs a team ! Josh has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, honing his skills to provide the training each individual needs for their skill set. Josh focuses on each individuals specific goals and hones in on the reasons you may or may not be hitting some or all of your goals. Josh specializes in overall body training, while powerlifting as a secondary strength as well. If you are looking for a specific specialty or just all around training, Wilson Warriors is ready to have you on his team !  

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