Personal Training

# Find The Right Personal Trainer For You

Personal Training for Members interested in having a Personal Trainer: 

The best personal trainers have trainers; because personal trainers help us hold ourselves accountable to achieving the goals we have set for ourselves.  

NonStop Fitness contracts with seasoned professional personal trainers in the local area to provide members with a trainer that meets the member’s unique needs.  

If you are interested in being paired with a local personal trainer complete the inquiry and we will pair you with a trainer that has experience achieving success in line with your fitness goals.  

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For Trainers interested in training at NonStop Fitness: 

NonStop Fitness is excited to present our trainer partnership program. We have seen how trainers in our community and across the country have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic by training virtually, 1-on-1 with their clients and/or sharing workouts via social media. Many of you have started or maintained your personal training business throughout this unprecedented time. With that in mind we saw an opportunity to provide trainers in our communities to environment to grow their business in; while maintain the independence cultivated in recent months.  

Program Details and Fees 

kettlebell.pngMonthly ‘trainer access fee’ for one location is $500. This fee gains you entrance into the NonStop Fitness location of your choice with the ability to train unlimited hours 7 days a week. This gives you access to all areas of the facility; including group rooms when there is not a NonStop Fitness Class scheduled. (All trainers ‘rents’ will be collected weekly by ACH) 

kettlebell.pngFor an additional $100 you may utilize a second location of your choosing. If you wish to have access to all 3 locations (Fort Myers- Alico Rd., Port Charlotte and Sarasota) for the purpose of training clients you may for a total of $700/monthly.   

kettlebell.pngLiability insurance and an active Personal Trainer Certification must be presented. 

kettlebell.pngClients must join or be members of NonStop Fitness. Your clients, once members, will have access to all the areas of the facility including the Kids Club.  

kettlebell.pngLead Program - NonStop Fitness will provide you client leads from our constantly growing membership base. 

kettlebell.pngAll locations are open 24/7/365 to accommodate your clients.  

kettlebell.pngNonStop Founder and 3F Management CEO, Derik Fay, will host a quarterly business mentoring zoom. On these calls he will speak on topics from generating clients to accounting practices and a range of topics in between.  


NonStop Fitness is striving to offer the members of our community a New Club with an Old School Approach. While we will be constantly upgrading the facilities or introducing the latest technology or equipment in the fitness industry, we want our focus to be on building a fitness community to improve the quality of life of our members, employees and trainers alike. We hope you will consider joining us in this endeavor.  

Should you be interested in joining the NonStop Trainer Partnership Program, please email with your business information including: what you specialize in, name of your LLC or business information (example: Rick’s Mobile Training, LLC), your contact information (including your website or social media, if applicable) and the level of your interest.