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Port Charlotte

1000 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL 33953

General Manager
Nancy McDevitt


Gym Etiquette

At NonStop Fitness we believe that fitness is not just about the body but encompasses the mind and spirit. Healthy habits from nutritional choices to how we treat each other all contribute to an elevated quality of life.  

Please help us create a culture of healthy living and respect by upholding the NonStop Fitness community guidelines. 


  1. Please remove and re-rack your weights.  
  2. Wipe down all equipment after use. Please throw away wipes and help us keep the facility clean. 

  3. Do not disrupt your fellow members’ workouts by slamming or dropping weights.  

  4. The use of profanity towards staff and/or members is prohibited. Please be Kind.  

  5. Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times; unless participating in a yoga class or authorized club activity.  

  6. Shirts and/or tank tops must be worn at all times; including outdoor areas.  

  7. Children ages under the age of 13 are not allowed on the main gym floor unless participating in an authorized club activity.  

  8. Please report any broken equipment or mirrors to a staff member, so we can keep our fitness community safe and injury free.  

  9. Please keep gym bags in a locker to help maintain clear walk ways.  

  10. Saving or holding equipment is prohibited. Please be mindful of others waiting and limit time on machines when facility is busy.  

NonStop Fitness never tolerates threatening language, violence or sexual harassment of any of its’ members. Behavior of this kind may lead to suspension or termination of your membership.