What You Should Know About Online Personal Training?

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Personal training is a $9 billion industry, with steady growth potential. It’s also a great way to get in shape and achieve your goals in fitness and wellness. With the COVID-19 pandemic, and the shutdown of gyms and fitness clubs across the US, patrons have gravitated toward online personal training, at least for short-term scenarios. 

While online personal training can be an effective alternative to in-gym workouts, it’s important to understand how it’s different. Here’s a quick overview of online personal training and what you need to consider going forward.  

How Does Online Personal Training Work? 

Online personal training is a great way for you to work with a certified training via a live online session or recorded video, particularly for a short-term or one-off situation. However, remember, there is really no substitute to working one-on-one with a personal trainer on location, in the gym.

Here are the most common steps you can take when you’re working with a fitness coach online. 

Initial Consultation 

An initial call with your trainer typically launches the personal training relationship, with a discussion about goals, health and fitness concerns, etc. An online consult can feel cold and impersonal, so it's important to meet in person with your trainer.

When you visit the gym, you'll get the personal attention you need, while physically showing your trainer those areas of concern.

Your Fitness Plan 

An online personal trainer will put together a fitness plan based on a discussion about your goals. Depending on the term of the relationship, the plan could lay out a tentative schedule for a few weeks or even up to a year.  

What Are the Benefits of Personal Training?  

In general, online personal training is popular because it has been filling a gap that you missed from the gym. It helps to support and encourage your continued motivation, but there is no substitute for one-on-one personal training. 

Here are a few key reasons personal training is so important.  


Personal training can be an affordable option to get the supportive coaching you need, as part of your fitness journey.  


Flexibility is key with your schedule and that of your personal trainer. While online training can be virtual, most of the time it lacks the real intensity needed in a workout with a personal trainer.


One of the key components of the online personal trainer is that he/she helps to motivate and hold you accountable for your fitness goals and achievements. Without accountability, it's easy to blow off your exercise session or even stop pursuing your fitness goals.  

Is Personal Training Right for You?  

It’s complicated. While we would always say that personal training is a great option, you will get more out of the relationship if you meet one-on-one in a gym or fitness club setting. An online personal training session might be a great solution, as part of your integrated plan and/or in a short-term way.  


If you’ve never participated in personal training before, the computer screen or TV might seem like a way to hide away and test it out before getting too serious.Unfortunately, many people DO hide away and never finish it up. Face to face personal training gives you a reason to get out of bed and get to the club... you've got a meeting scheduled that you can't miss!


An online personal training session can seem to be more economical than in-gym personal training. But, in reality, you get what you pay for. When you are face-to-face with your personal trainer, your results are much more accountable. It’s important to determine what is included and whether there will be additional costs for equipment or downloads as part of the package.  


Sometimes, you just need a change and an in-gym personal trainer can switch up weights and exercises at the club easier than online. Let's face it, how many types of weights and weight machines do you want to have in your home?

Remote work 

If you’re working at home, you may just need to get away and take a REAL break from the remote office, including your workout sessions and personal training. Many remote work scenarios are returning to work, so you’ll need to select a gym that is convenient to your work and/or home.

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