Top Workouts for Strong Arms That Personal Trainers Love

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Summer is fast approaching, which may just be the inspiration you need to get in shape. If you’re looking for a way to work out with the best, long-term definition, your personal trainer at the fitness club or gym will probably start you off with arm exercises.  

It’s fast, effective, and everyone will notice the results when you wear a tank top on the beach. It’s as simple as the consistency in your workouts combined with lifting weights and strength training. When you’ve developed an exercise routine, you’ll love the results.  

What About Longer Workouts? What Do They Look Like?  

You may already be familiar with the basics of arm exercises, but strength training may seem intimidating. You can exercise three-to-four days each week, alternating between upper body, weight training, and a focus on your core. Target your muscles, while leaving time (and energy) for mobility and stretching work.  

Here’s what an effective exercise routine could look like.  


Some experts recommend using the rowing machine or battle ropes to warm up, but you can get a great warm-up with calf raises, walking lunges, standing hip circles/rotations, leg swings, torso twists, side knee lifts, etc.  


Your main workout could be something like 40 seconds of workout and then 20 seconds of rest to start. The workout includes push ups, triceps dips, planks, and pull-ups, along with chest press, bicep curl, and a chest fly—with a weight.  


After this period of interval training, your high-intensity blitz features a minute of the dumbbell-weighted lunges alternating with medicine ball slams. The intensity comes from the back-to-back exercises, without stopping.  

Cool Down:  

After the interval training and the intense workout, it’s time for a cooldown, which includes a series of stretches, breathing exercises, and even a walk or other cool-down exercises. The key is to give yourself a break after the exercise routine that you’ve just been through.  

Betwixt and between this standard workout, you can mix it up a little. Vary your workout with compound exercises like pushes and pulls, dead lifts, etc. to turn calories and build strength.  

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