Top 5 Tips for Selecting a Personal Trainer

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Personal training is popular, with projections that it will continue to grow by 10% through 2026. Nearly 39% of adults in the US are overweight, which has prompted the rise in interest for personal training coaching. At this time of the pandemic, it’s more important that than ever to select a personal trainer who can offer the knowledge, experience, and motivation that you need. Here are some reasons for selecting a personal trainer. 

What are the Top 5 Reasons for Selecting a Personal Trainer?  

You could be seeking out a personal trainer or thinking about it for any number of reasons. It could be something as simple as wanting a workout companion and/or needing someone to motivate you. It could also involve working up to a marathon, bike-a-thon, or other special events. Here are a few of the top motivations for needing a personal trainer.  


It could be that you’ve never exercised, or you haven’t exercised in a while at a fitness club. It could also be that you want to learn the correct way to work out so that you’ll get the most out of your routine without risking injury. You may want a personal trainer to introduce you to the equipment at the gym and help you to get started on a regular workout routine.  


If you’ve been exercising for a while, you may be bored with the same old routines. You need to add spice up and little excitement to your workout, with new equipment and/or new ideas. It could be that you need a different perspective.  


It may be that you just need someone to hold you accountable for a regular workout schedule. A personal trainer represents an investment in time and money. That person can also hold you accountable for your fitness and health regimen.  


If you’ve been injured or have special medical concerns, you’ll want to consult with a medical professional, doctor, and/or physical therapist before beginning a regular workout schedule. You’ll also want to work with a personal trainer who can give you modifications to accommodate your injury or concern. Your trainer can also consult with your medical team to determine the exercises that will best meet your needs.  


If you’re training for a special event or sporting activity, you may need help with conditioning and/or a rigorous training schedule. A personal trainer can help you gauge where you currently are and help you prepare for the intense experience of a triathlon, tournament, or other special events. That personalized coaching can involve strength training, endurance, or whatever is needed.  

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