Top 4 Yoga Moves Guaranteed to Deliver a Great Cardio Workout!

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An estimated 55 million people practice yoga because it supports relaxation and stress relief, which is more important than ever right now. While yoga is great for stretching, you may not be aware many yoga poses deliver great cardio workouts. Here are some great examples of yoga moves that support amazing cardio workouts.  

What 4 Moves Give You a Cardio Workout?  

Intense, fast-paced yoga positions allow you to achieve balance and intensity, as part of an effective cardio workout. For each pose, you inhale into one and then exhale into another.  

Mountain Pose to Low Squat to Mountain Pose 

This yoga pose works the glutes and hamstrings. For this yoga pose, you start standing tall with your feet positioned wider than your hips. 

  1. Inhale and stand tall. 
  2. Exhale as you bend your knees and slowly move into a squat position.  
  3. Inhale and stand tall.  

Repeat this process 10 times to start. With this position, you can keep your heart rate up for an effective cardio workout.  

Runner’s Lunge Hop Switch 

This yoga pose allows you to strengthen your core while increasing your agility.  

  1. Position your right leg forward, while lifting your left knee. 
  2. Place your right knee over your right ankle. 
  3. Extend forward.  
  4. Press your hands to the ground. 
  5. Lift your right foot. 
  6. Hop into a Runner’s Lunge. 

Repeat 10 times to start. With this yoga pose, you can strengthen your hip flexors, while keeping your heart rate up.  

Twisting Chair Pose 

This yoga pose works by strengthening the inner thighs, outer hips, hamstrings, and glutes. For this yoga pose, you start standing tall with your toes together. 

  1. Exhale and position yourself in a Chair pose. 
  2. Bring your hands together in a Prayer pose. 
  3. Twist around, holding your body in a Chair pose. 

Repeat 5 times to start. This pose is effective on the transverse abdominis and oblique muscles while maintaining a high heart rate.  

Bridge Pose Rollups 

Lay on your back with your knees positioned hip-width apart and bent. This position opens your front and strengthens your back.  

  1. For this yoga pose, you start with your toes pointed forward and your knees positioned over your ankles. 
  2. Position your arms by your torso and face your palms down. 
  3. Inhale and lift your hips and each vertebra slowly as you reach your arms up into the Bridge pose.  
  4. Exhale and slowly lower each vertebra and finally your hips to the floor.  

Repeat 10 times. This pose supports strength building while maintaining a high heart rate.  

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