Tips From Trainers On Creating A Workout Routine You Can Maintain

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As gyms adapt to the COVID pandemic with rigorous hygiene protocols and capacity regulations, more people are seeking the familiarity of a daily workout. Whether you're heading to the gym or staying at home, creating a workout routine from scratch can be challenging. Moreover, you don't want to make something so ambitious that you fail to stick to it.

We've spoken with some professional personal trainers to get their insight into crafting a workout routine that is functional and livable. 

Be committed

One of the most basic points all of our trainers made was that you need to commit to a routine. Change will take time, and only after putting in the effort consistently will you actually start to see results. In fact, the hardest part of working out is simply getting started. Every single time you have to choose before a workout will allow you to choose against it, so plan and commit well before. 

Wear your gym clothes to bed, pack your gym bag the night before, and don't play with your phone when you wake up. Planning ahead of time also is a form of commitment, because it tells your mind and body that "this is what we're doing". It's hard to say no when everything is mapped out already for you.

Build a team

Find a friend or family member to hit the gym with, or join a cardio workout class. When you have a tribe of people that are committed to the same goal, it's easier to cheer for each other and in turn, easier to show up. Having a partner or personal trainer also makes you accountable; if you start to slack, they'll give you grief and that alone can be a powerful motivator.

Additionally, working out with other people makes it more fun. When you can go and get a good workout while socializing, it makes it feel less and less like "work". You'll start to anticipate your workouts and even get bummed when they're over (your newly emerging physique should cheer you up, though!)

Don't neglect diet and consistency

While exercise is important - our trainers recommend everyone do both cardio and weights - cleaning up your diet is critical for those who want to achieve lasting weight loss. Get rid of highly processed, sugar-laden foods and opt for natural, whole foods instead. It might not be perfect at first, but working at it every day - even in small parts - is the key to success.

Start right now

Find a workout routine that speaks to you - if you love yoga, there are apps and classes at your local fitness club or on Youtube. Put on your trainers and go for a job. If weight training is your thing, you can hit up your local weight room. The point is that you need to stop waiting for the right moment because there's never been a more perfect time than now to start a new fitness routine.

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Looking to craft a new commitment to fitness but don't know where to start? We asked 5 personal trainers for their best fitness tips.

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Crafting a workout routine you want to stick with and that works is hard, but our personal trainers gave us their best tips for success.

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