How to Know Where to Start With Basic Exercises

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Top 4 Exercises for Fitness Success (Even When You're Overweight)

It’s easy to get discouraged and even begin to believe that exercise is not for everyone and particularly not for you. If you are overweight or obese, though, it’s more important than ever to exercise in ways that are safe, effective, and easy to accomplish. That's why we offer a personal trainer, personal training, weight training, and other personalized fitness options. 

Your focus may be weight loss, but we’re really talking about rethinking how you live your life. You can start moving back to enjoying the things in your life that might seem out of reach. As you start with a low-impact workout, particularly as part of a fitness class, you’ll start seeing results! So, what are the best exercises?  


You’ve been walking for most of your life, and it may seem just too basic for your exercise and wellness routine. If you’re not sure where to start, though, walking is the perfect exercise for the everyday workout, and it has a ton of benefits to help you live longer, have a healthier heart, and even better manage your weight.  


It's not just for cooling off! Swimming is a great, low-impact activity that is also perfect for you if you’ve got injuries or other health considerations, which make regular exercise difficult. Swimming can deliver the high-intensity cardio workout you need to better manage your weight, without the stress on your muscles and joints.  


It’s one of the oldest activities, with estimates that it’s been around for more than a thousand years. But it still works to strengthen your muscles, improve your breathing and flexibility, and maybe even prolong your life. It helps to reduce stress, and it helps to just make you feel better: happier and healthier.  

Lifting Weights 

Strength training is always a favorite. You can start with 10-pound weights and go up from there. It helps you to build muscles, which you sorely need in your everyday life for walking, lifting groceries, and living. As you build muscle and strength, you’re also working toward achieving a more manageable weight. Our hope is that you’re having fun while you’re at it.  

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