Get Up & Start Moving with This 15-Minute Cardio Workout

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One of the biggest reasons that Americans don’t exercise is because they say they just don’t have the time. In your frenetic-busy day, it makes sense that it’s tough to carve out enough to get to the gym for a full workout. 

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What Can You Do in a 15-Minute Cardio Workout? 

You should always start with a warm up, and here’s a quick one that works great.  

·         Frogger: This position targets the abs, arms, glutes, and legs. It’s most effective if you can hold the position for 45 seconds.  

·         Glute bridge: This position involves laying on your back with your knees bend and your feet flat on the floor.  

·         T-spine windmill stretch: This position involves laying on your side, with your knees at a 90-degree angle. You move your left arm up to form a “T” 

After you’ve warmed up your muscles sufficiently, you move onto the workout.  

·         Plank to downward dog tap: You start off with your face pointed toward the floor, with your elbows directly under your body and your toes and forearms supporting your static posture. Then, you move into the downward dog. 

·         Curtsy lunge to squat: Move from the combo curtsy lunge into the squat.  

·         Push-up: This position is one of the most basic positions. It’s a quick and easy way to build muscles. 

For the most effective workout, you should determine how many circuits you want to start with. We typically recommend three rounds, but you should listen to your body and do what’s best for you and your health considerations.  

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