Fitness Trainers Share Their Thoughts On The Best Workout Clothes

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Sport Bra

As the weather warms up, our thoughts turn towards getting healthier. More sun means more energy, and the best way to capitalize on that energy is to hit the gym or start a jogging routine in your neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, a new workout wardrobe is a great place to start getting into the spirit of health.

We talked with 20 industry professionals and got their picks for the best workout apparel for both function and fashion, evaluating them for support, moisture-wicking ability, and comfort.

Sports bras

Our trainers had a lot to say about the benefits of a well-made sports bra. Specifically, they were charmed by these pieces:

  • Nike Dri-Fit Shape Sports Bra - supportive across the back and front, and extremely comfortable no matter the activity
  • Lane Bryant LIVI Active Cooling No-Wire Sport Bra - both supportive and extremely good at keeping you dry and comfortable
  • Aerie Sports Bras - designed for all women of all sizes, Aerie sports bras look amazing while giving you the support you need


The primary focus for these trainers was that the bras they choose need to provide support without getting soaked with sweat. The three choices above all are made with moisture-wicking material that, unlike cotton, will not be soaked at the end of your workout. They're also designed to function whether you're jogging, lifting weights, or crushing Crossfit.

Dealing with sweat

If you're working out, you're gonna sweat - it's a fact. Our trainers offered their best solutions for dealing with the heat of exercise.


No sleeves, no problem - tanks offer a loose (but not too loose) fit that feels great, shows off your muscles, and keeps you cool. Some of their favorites include:

  • Lululemon Brunswick Muscle Tank - loose-fitting but not too much, and perfectly cut to show off the progress you're making in the weight room
  • Gymshark Vital Ombre Seamless T-Shirt - the colors of this tank pop, as will your muscles in the sleeveless, tapered design


Most of our personal trainers agree that a well-made tank won't be extremely loose but also won't hug your body and get in the way of essential movements, either.

Clothes for your cardio workout

Probably more than with weight training, cardio workouts demand free-flowing clothes that will not impede your movement. From compression shorts that help with squats to breezy, sweat-reducing pieces made for jogging, here are our favorites:

  • Vuori Kore Shorts - loose and perfect for jogging, but not overly long or too baggy
  • Ten Thousand Interval Shorts - with a compression aspect that still gives you room to stretch with yoga or squats, these shorts are good for cardio and pumping iron
  • Nike Flex Stride Running Shorts - designed with your running stride in mind, these shorts get the jog done


Clothes to aid your weight loss efforts Whether you're at the fitness club, running down your street, or working out with a personal trainer, a new fitness wardrobe can help give you the drive to keep moving forward.