3 Easy Steps to Stay Motivated to Exercise this Summer

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You know why you want to stay motivated to go to the gym, to exercise on a regular basis, and to keep on track toward your fitness goals. When you’re in the middle of summer, with all the activities and distractions, it’s easy to lose focus and get off-track.  

It’s important to make a plan that will help you achieve your goals, but which will also take into consideration that you will face challenges along the way. Just take it one step at a time and use these tips to help you achieve your summer fitness goals.  

1. Take it One Day at a Time! Keep it Short Term 

While you might have the best of intentions to achieve your fitness goals, you are only one person. Take a step back. Consider how you can parse out a series of smaller, more-easily achievable goals. Then, take that first step, and proceed from there.  

Just parsing out your plan doesn’t mean that you won’t face challenges along the way. But it does mean that instead of being stalled and perhaps even feeling like you’ve failed, you can look at it as just one part of the whole plan. Move onto the next objective and keep going forward!  

2. Schedule Reminders to Keep You on Track 

Yes, exercise reminders can be as simple as setting a reminder alarm an hour early in the morning or putting your workout on the calendar. Reminders can also be motivational with triggers, quotes, and speeches that represent the words and the sentiment you need right then to continue.  

A reminder could also be a scheduled workout with a friend, or a set time to have lunch with a motivational speaker friend. It could even be a regular weekly check-in with your personal trainer. Think about what it will take to get you to carry on with your plan. Make it happen, whatever it takes.  

3. Ask for Help to Keep Yourself Motivated (& to Achieve Your Goals) 

It’s easy to think of ourselves as lone achievers, but the reality is that our biggest successes are often due at least in part to the support of others. Could you do it all by yourself? Sure. But would it be more fun and probably less frustrating if you asked for help? Yes!  

Don’t be a martyr. Look around you. Take a catalog of who in your circle of friends, family, members, and colleagues has always offered you the most encouragement and support. Reach out to him/her and ask for help. If you don’t have someone like that in your life, you already have all the help you need  with the support of a personal trainer at our fitness club and gym.  

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